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Power Generation

Growth of the world's energy needs, has led to the necessity for larger and more efficient electrical power generating turbines to meet consumer demand. These increased power output and efficiency requirements have in turn led to higher turbine temperatures, tip speeds and more massive rotor bores to carry greater loads. The Know how in the production of heavy duty forgings that can support the latest turbine designs, is something FOMAS has gained through half a century of experience. This is why in the most demanding power generation markets FOMAS is there: Steam, Gas, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Nuclear, and Wind.
Curiosity: we maintain the ASME certification since 1979!
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Oil & Gas

Whether you are in the Upstream, Downstream or process Equipment industry, FOMAS Group is able to supply the right product for your needs, or even more as our technology not only produces a more cost-effective forging for most applications but also a forging that is often better suited for the world’s demanding Energy Exploration needs. Check also our certifications in this field: Norsok, ISO 29001.
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Gears, Transmissions & Bearings

FOMAS can produce forgings for all components (gears, bearings, coupling joints, brakes) of all transmissions (cylindrical, bevel, planetary) of the most different applications. In particular, as far as it concerns gears, FOMAS can produce forgings for all the components: shafts, hollow shafts, pinions, ring wheels, planet wheels, planetary carriers and bevel gear sets. Referring to bearing we do provide rings near net shaped and profiled as best on the market to guarantee minimum material utilization and customized fibers orientation for all kind of bearings.
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Mobility (Heavy and Light Duty)

We play a significant role within a broad range of Mobility industries, including Industrial Vehicles, Aerospace, Ship Industry and Railway, along with a handful of other Industrial Transportation markets. For instance, we supply components to the automotive industry, and other critical components to the Railway industry. No matter the requirement, we are able to supply the right product at the right time to a multitude of different Mobility sectors. And if you think of Aerospace... what more could there be?
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Construction Equipment (Heavy and Light Duty)

We have increased on a fast pace our presence in the construction, mining and tunneling sectors, with a steady and firm growth. With continuous investments and cutting edge technology, we supply near-shape forgings to the competitive markets listed before. Having the flexibility and response to comply with requests from replacements to high-volume pieces, we have become a major player in supplying to the top OEMs as well as aftermarket customers.
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General Industry (Heavy and Light Duty)

At FOMAS Group we manufacture many types of forgings and seamless rolled rings, used in several applications such as Agriculture, Chemical Process Equipment, Fluid handling.
Whatever the industry we are there with decades of competence and know how.
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