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Innovation & Technology

Our R&D team has a strong daily cooperation to all FOMAS GROUP'S engineering, quality and production teams across the globe.

The aim of the R&D department is to provide technical and metallurgical support regarding materials, products and processes. Among the many activities, that the highly qualified team of engineers follow, they are especially focused on:

  • Technical evaluation of customer specifications, raw material suppliers and new processes.
  • Definition of best parameters and new experimentation for complex processes (ESR, for instance).
  • Finite elements simulation of processes in order to forecast deformations during heat treatment, plastic flow of material during forging, maximum loads on the equipments during forging and rolling operations.
  • Continuous updating on innovations regarding forging and rolling by dedicated projects and co-operation with universities, partners and customers on specific items.
  • Ongoing training programs to Group's personnel in order to increase the know how within the company.
  • Support to quality control.
  • In house failure analysis on specific issues, in order to understand and overcome critical aspects of complex projects.
This approach fully embraces the spirit of our Founder, Professor Guzzoni, as only through continuous innovation and augmented know how we are able to distinguish ourselves from the others.

"Our motto At the heart of forging is truly represented by our specialized human capital that makes us so unique."